I need a drink! Please God Kombucha ain't enough

I’ve been resorting to this kombucha garbage to try and get off. I need a real drink but they have my credit card so i can’t buy anything. Only can use my meal plan card at restaurants and whole foods. Think i might beg for money to get the real deal.

Rabbit, you sound like you’re having a rough day. What’s been going on?

I don’t know. I feel so terrible. My insides feel messed up especially my stomach. Depression is terrible. And i ive been asked the question “so has school been awesome? Been making lots of friends?” A few times in the past week and it just depresses me. Everyone says college is the “best 4 years of ur life” but its been terrible for me. I just cant keep going on being as isolated as i am with as little outlets as i have. I feel like an ■■■■■■■ and a plain loser. I envy the kids who party all the time. Being shy in college is like a deathwish and thats not even including to schizoa. No one is in the market for a mentally unstable tall shy kid i guess

You remind me of when I was in college. I was fighting alcohol, and I was very, very lonely. It was like standing in a bakery when you haven’t eaten in a week. I wish I had those years back so I could use them more constructively. Life gets better.

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I feel the same way but am worryd a drink today will turn into the need to drink everyday.

when I stopped drinking vodka life had no feeling purpose hope, my only purpose was to drink alcohol.

I resorted to taking a handfull of vitamins today to maybe get a little lift.

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I hope you are eating regular, balanced meals to keep your blood sugar evened out.

Sometimes low blood sugar causes candy or alcohol cravings

PS It is hard to eat when depressed. I have to force myself to eat and I just eat the same thing everyday because it’s easy to make.

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