I must be sz/aff now

i’m getting really emotional and the paranoia is gone now but i think thats bc of the meds, wouldn’t like to find out tho, my med keeps me stable and almost symptom free but i’m finding it hard to control my feelings and idk if it is natural or if its something new i have developed, there is actual tears in my eyes and idk why i am getting them :frowning:

You can get emotional with sz… The medication can even cause it. Are you depressed? Ever spend a few days running around like a lunatic getting everything done and not sleeping?

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Definitely tell your pdoc asap. Might also be worth keeping a mood journal and give to your pdoc as well.


i’m kind of up and down a lot and i get pulled all over the place, but i use to have flat effect and that must have been med related, i never thought i would feel this way and i’m starting to hate it, if i was on my old med i’d be oblivious but now everything is getting to me but i am still trying to keep it together

Well, I can tell you, when I am manic, you KNOW I am manic and when I am depressed… I barely move.

But, do tell your pdoc! There are apps to track moods!

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i haven’t seen anybody for months and i was told i am getting a new p/doc so i don’t really know what to do about that, but when i see him i will tell him and i will phone and try to make an appointment,

couple of weeks ago i was in class and i was getting really teary and i had to try and hide it and i said about how its depressing talking about feelings sometimes when we were doing tri-ads

would you say you were more human? bc when i had affective blunting i thought i was like a zombie without any feelings or anything now i feel more real but its harder now as its more to deal with while on top of that my meds hides my other illness

Maybe talking in your class is opening you up to feelings that are unfamiliar to you and scarey, too. I’d say Yes more human, but take it slow.


thanks patchofblue, i was getting more emotional before i started the class as well tho like when i was at college my emotions were doing a loop de loop but now its getting intense.

btw i wasn’t calling people with affective blunting inhuman or anything its just i was totally disconnected from reality, i’m trying to think of a way to describe it, like my brain was out of control but the med had it in tight chains but the chains were too tight sort of thing.

I know what you mean about seemimg unhuman + more human with feelings.

I almost always feel human. My flat effects, not so much, but in depression, yes.

but if you are bipolar you want a bit of that suppressant to calm it don’t you?, i thought i had a balance but if it keeps going on like this i might need yet another med for that too, one for sz and one for bipolar :frowning: is that even possible?

Most of the SZ meds are used for BP anyway so maybe not.

depression as a form of flat effect? i didn’t know that, i never put it under that bracket before

if i upped my dose that might help but then i don’t really want to as i could get flat effect again and i don’t want that, i wasn’t real when i was like that.

You’re better off talking to your doctor about it. If it gets too much for you over the weekend or before you can see your pdoc. Head to the ER. A GP is also a good stand by for a pdoc. So you can get advice through them although not as specialised.


Oh, no, I was separating depression and flat effect. I am being treated for schizoaffective, but, the doctor isn’t sure yet if I have schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, or bipolar… There is medication that treats all 3. I am currently starting latuda.

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Emotions are tough @Resilient1. Sorry you are feeling like this. I hope that it passes quickly.

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I am sorry you are going through this emotional waves. Really tough time for you. Hope your pdoc can solve this problem.

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I’ve been thinking about this… when I was in a deep swing of negative symptoms, I felt empty and wax covered.

So finding the new meds that have been waking me up emotionally it’s been weird. To go from not really caring and feeling flattened to having emotions and having to learn how they taste.

@Resilient1 just like you, when the emotions started waking up, I was all over the board and it seemed like every little thing was getting to me. But as I got used to feeling again… it was easier to get under control.

Please don’t be so hard on yourself… also… your in a pretty intense class that is highly emotional.
It’s confusing when it starts to happen, but getting that feeling of emotion back is a pretty good sign.

Keep in eye on it… talk to your doc if it’s bothering you, but also keep in mind when the emotions are hitting you. Your class is pretty intense. It’s understandable to have some emotions come through.

Good luck and I hope you feel better.