I dont have flat mood anymore

I am able to feel slight emotions, but im not too emotional, i still have difficulty crying, but I did not cry much before sz too. Im on haldol monthy injections every month 50mg. I am at the lowest possible ap dose, probably thats why


I’ve never been a very emotional person. Even when I was a child, long before my sz diagnosis or being put on meds, I remember my mom saying “he has no feelings”.

But I do laugh at funny sh*t, I cried when my dog died, I’ve gotten angry a few times all while beings on AP’s. So I do have some emotions but they don’t dominate my daily life.

Emotional flatness is a negative symptom of schizophrenia. It’s called the “Flat effect”


i don’t feel many emotions… last time i cried was when my kitty cat died. But besides that i don’t feel much of emotions.

I don’t want to be an emotional person. I look at emotional people and am flabbergasted by things they say and do. I prefer logic, reason and rationality.

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Its sometimes a good thing to have a good cry. Its doesnt make you weak. Your just in touch with your emotions. And you always think clearly after.

That’s great news! I’m happy for you

I was never really emotional before schizophrenia. Now I get choked up all the time on lines from a song, or scenes from a show. But I put this down more to my seizure meds more than antipsychotic

i have flat effect…

I can feel a range of emotions or dont feel anything at all.

I get inappropriate emotions off meds and no emotions on med except for anger.

You should try SSRI medication, that should help with your agitation

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