I Moved and Relapsed

Soooo… I like and hate this. Well, I relapsed… Now I’m here… Kentucky… Meh. I feel sick as hell…

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Sorry you’re having trouble. Are you still with your aunt?

Sorry to hear that. Stress does me in as well. Moving is quite stressful.

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Nope. I’m with my mom

Is that better or worse?

Both…I really just wanna die.

like for real die? or you wanna get away?


It gets better.

Moving is one of the most stressful things people can do - its hard on everyone and is commonly cited as a reason for relapse.

Try to use some stress reduction tactics - like going for walks, getting some exercise, slow belly breathing when you feel you are stressed, and trying to spend time with friends if you have any close to where you are now living.


Moving is difficult. My worst episodes were all around times I moved as well (and we moved often). Just keep in mind that you will eventually adjust and things will return to baseline…hang in there until it does…