The stress is getting to me

I posted a few days ago that my wife and I are going to be forced to move. I don’t mind moving across country - hell, I’ve done it twice before, zig-zagging the US. But this time is different. I am paralyzed with fear and dread. I’m a lot more defeated these days than when I moved in the past. I start thinking about everything that has to be done, and I recoil in fear and anxiety. My pdoc has authorized up to 40 mg of Haldol to calm me down. Don’t worry - Haldol and I are old friends. I’ve been on it so much in my life and at such high doses (80 mg at a couple points) it doesn’t annihilate me like it does with most people. Sigh. I keep coming back to Haldol…maybe it’s meant to be…I feel so lost and despondent.

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Moving house is up in the top ten of most stressful things you can do. Plan and double check. Write lists and de-stress where you can. One way is go for long walks with your wife and keep communications open as your walking. Helps to clear the mind and the air between the two of you. Hopefully the Hadol will settle you quickly and only be a temporary thing. Best of luck with the move. I hope it’s smooth sailing from here on in.


Its very overwhelming when you look at everything at once. When I ,moved from CA to kY, I had to drive myself, plus 2 cats across country. Packing up, I just had to break everything down to smaller tasks. Make a list, and just do one thing at a time-then cross it off. Really, its not one big job, just a lot of little things to get done.
Hope this helps a little…

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Hang in there Greg - when I moved it was stressful, it is for most people - it shall pass.
I have a feeling that once you move, you will like it there - there are going to be more opportunities there, I am sure

@Wave, Yes, there will be some opportunities. Living in Phoenix, the 5th largest city in the nation, is going to be hard to leave behind. Everything will be different. Gotta find a new pdoc, GP, neurologist, and jump through 14,000 hoops. There is even a written driving test in Illinois. I’ve dumped my vehicle. It gets picked up Tuesday. So much change. But I’ve been through this before, so I’m going to make it work. Swimming in a sea of uncertainty right now.

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I was nervous about starting over too, but when I moved, I found the best doctors! I love my new pdoc - I was glad to started fresh - I think that everything will work out in the end Greg - try to take things slow and easy for yourself, until the move


Thank you sir! You are a scholar and a gentleman! :wink:

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