I might want to hear the voices now

It’s weird. I’ve been getting faint voices on my meds for the first time in 8 months. And I realized today that I kind of want to hear them louder and be able to understand what they’re saying. They are actually kind of interesting. I even kind of want to be friends with my mean voice if that’s even possible because I don’t want to fight them anymore and they make me feel like I have company. Maybe I’m going off the deep end.


Yeah sometimes I miss my voices. It was pretty interesting, until they planned to kill me.

I think the key is not to get stuck in your head (doh!) and focus on life. That’s what the doctors tell me. Not sure if I agree with them. I don’t hear voices but when I did, it felt cool, interesting, and stuff. I think they were hypnogogic hallucinations so I was getting them when falling asleep or lying down for bed or naps. They were more positive. I don’t even get those anymore.

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I’d prefer they leave entirely. They could easily be replaced by me just imagining stuff on purpose like I did before I got sick.

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It gets old. So careful what you wish for, thinking about it too much maybe could make them stronger then you’ll just need a med increase when you decide you don’t want to hear them anymore

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I sure don’t. My voices are pretty scary and tell me to hurt myself and that I can’t die, a bad combination. The last time I heard voices was a two weeks ago so my psychiatrist increased my medicine. I almost had to go to the hospital. But i didn’t. And I feel better now.

I thought you said you could make out some sentences? I wouldn’t wish voices on my worst enemy they are really hard to deal with especially when you have a job

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