I messed up

I accidentally took both today’s and tomorrow’s morning med’s this morning. I was wondering why I was so sluggish today. Now I don’t have med’s for tomorrow morning.

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Are you all out of a particular medication?

Tomorrow might be a little trying if you can’t get a day behind in pills.

No. I still have all the med’s for the other days. I might take Saturday’s morning med’s and put them in Friday’s slot, so I won’t have to go through day treatment without the benefit of my psychotropic drugs. I’m less likely to fly off the handle if I’m on my med’s. On Saturdays I pretty much stay in anyway.


Can you ring your pdoc tomorrow and get some?

I am so used to take my depot injection. Rarely i am days late or early. Taking pills takes a lot of dedication, almost religiously. I used to be so levelled with the pills that one day without pills i don’t even noticed.

Probably not. I went ahead and put last night’s med’s in this morning’s slot. I was so full of med’s yesterday that I think it didn’t hurt to skip last night’s med’s. Now I have med’s for this morning. The important thing is that I have med’s this morning so I don’t fly off the handle again.

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