I may not need to go back on Depakote

This is my 8th day on the increased dose of 5mg of Risperdal and today my moods have been very stable!
I guess it takes some time before Risperdal starts working.
I’m waiting for my Depakote to arrive by mail but at this point I may not need to go on it!

I’ll see how my moods go but I have a feeling that 5mg of Risperdal is doing a good job stabilizing my moods.

I’ll wait and see.

I’ll reach out to my doctor if I decide not to take the Depakote.

At least it’s there just in case.


That would be great if you only need Risperdal. The less meds the better


Yes, why thank you @Ferb!

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That’s great news! I really hope the risperidone works for you

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Thanks @ZmaGal!

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The problem now is that the Risperdal is “calming” me down a bit too much.
I feel dead and sedate.

that sucks but that could get better after a while i think.

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No I’ll be cutting down on my Risperdal dose from 5mg to 4mg.
5mg of Risperdal is making me physically ill.

I’m going back on Depakote in the meantime.

Seems like I can’t function without Depakote.
I keep coming back to it.

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