I majored in philosophy

And all i got was this lousy psychotic disorder


That is what all philosophy majors get.



Plus significant debt and a $15 an hr job :sob:


That’s 95% of humanities degrees, really.


Also the ability to correctly identify why someone is wrong without developing the ability to not tell them about it.


Not really, no . It’s not the diploma or the major the problem, is the people and how they use it or make use of the information. (as a general rule)

As a side note - philosophy is probably the oldest “job”, the most prestigious historically and it has brough us a lot of advancemnets in many areas, it’s not the philosophy degree to blame but how people use the knowledge gained (as a general rule)

a bad engenner is a bad engenner even if the degree is “usefull to maybe the majority of engeneers”
a good writer can not finish university and still be a good writer, a bad writer might finish it and still be a bad writer.

There is a pattern of people who go into specific fields (philosophy, engneering, economy etc) and if an area of study stagnates in a place and time it might be because of the people who study that area.

! not implying is the person who graduted fault, but is of people in general as a whole, if nobody gives a f about philosophy people who majored in it cannot do much because of that, also bc of that !

It’s a more faceted problem and the answer to the thousands of good university students who can;t find a job in they;re field is a big challange , it’s hard to even pin point a few of the sides of this problem.

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I’m not saying the degree is useless. I’m saying that 95% of the business community perceives it as useless. It’s generally a degree for those who plan to work for a government agency where I live.

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I read somewhere that psychology students are more likely to have some sort of mental illness.


Probably students and not psychologists (therapists)

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well, if you take the psychologist from the psychology school, they are more likely to have a M.I. rather than the general population…

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Transferable skills is the key with these degrees

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I wanted to be a professor. Still do, just not sure its likely.

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philosophy is probably the oldest “job”, the most prestigious historically

Everyone knows that prostitution is the oldest profession.

I took a philosophy class in a small college and nobody would participate in class but me. I feel bad for the teacher to this day. He graded the class on a curve I think he called it by my grades since I was the best student. I’ve learned a little more than what I learned then. I liked Epictetus. He helped me gain courage. It may sound simple but it seems to me a lot of philosophy has something to do with the Self. Don’t ask me what I mean as I’m not too sure. I’m grasping at straws. I’ve got a dim vision.

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These sometimes have philosophy and psychology articles

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I cant do either topics anymore. I love them but im way too obsessive

It has treated me very well, but yeah it wasn’t easy.

I’m a big fan of both practical degrees, and thinking degrees. I feel majors like philosophy are great for personal growth. It’s just hard to use it in the real world, unless you teach it. In which case, you have to get an education degree to do that. I’m a big fan of getting a practical degree as a major, and getting a thinking degree like philosophy as a minor.

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