What if all us non degreed people got together and decided a degree was barrier to entry

haha nobody with a degree can work for my company. is it discrimination? well, there are jobs i can’t get because no degree. only seems fair.


Lol great way to keep your company small or go bankrupt.

o yeah what would i do without a bunch of philosophy majors as middle management


Well nobody needs philosophy majors. But you kind of do need people with specialized knowledge if you want to make a company with more than a few people.

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Even if Philosophy is not relevant to a certain job, studying it (studying anything, actually) gives you a chance to expand your knowledge, and learn how to think critically. These are excellent skills to have.


Lol I’ll have you know philosophers are the kings of our society. Without thinkers how would we have government, know what’s right and wrong, how to act, what to do etc… :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: haha dw I’m nor really mad :laughing::laughing::joy::joy:

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That actually would not be such a bad idea… i would hire a bunch of people without degrees and then give them work incentives to educate themselves. … like to take online courses and stuff to get a raise etc… would be a good way to have smart employees who don’t demand too much Mulah lol. Degrees cost a lot . It’s the information age baby

That’s hilarious.

I realize college is a good thing but I’m convinced that the self -educated are smarter.

Philosophy makes your troubles harder to bear but you’ll know why you committed suicide.

As someone with a philosohy degree I am offended. As someone who has not been able to hold a job longer than 10 months at a time…yeah that tracks


I’m assuming it’s not your philosophy degree that’s made you unable to work? It’s your illness?


:joy: my partner has a philosophy degree and has been looking for a job for months. There’s nothing out there for anyone without at least 5 years experience in everything.


Little of column A, little of column B

The types of jobs that a philosophy degree helps with are a struggle to keep up with due to my illness. Having a degree makes me overqualified for a lot of the jobs I would be good at.



Philosophy it’s the building foundation of this world @anon9798425

Philosophy shaped the deutsch /american /francais /every other country thought and way of life.

We think the way we do because we learned to think that way(most of us) and that thought was build on philosophic thought.

When we give a certain significance to the fashion sense, why do we do it? (honest question, I’m wondering now)

Maybe it is the capitalistic thought of consumers or religios thought of covering yourself (ex:Islam) or aestetics thought of beauty ? Probably all and much more. All have roots in philosophy.

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Sheesh. I’m just saying practically no one needs an employee who specifically has a degree in philosophy.

I think you’re overstating the importance of philosophy relative to other fields of knowledge but I’m not saying it’s all BS.


Any subject has transferable skills that are valuable to people throughout their lives

I am glad I have a degree, even if some look down on the subjects I took

Doing quite well now I have done it, and it’s an achievement that snide internet comments can’t undermine or take away from the fact I did it

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I think you would want my Associates in accounting on your team. Unless you are strictly talking about bachelor’s and higher education?

Glad I didn’t go to state university. I would be screwed right now with student loan debt.

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