I made paintings based on my psychosis


Awesome! I always love looking at people’s art posts. I like the way you express your feelings in the pictures. Also interesting that none of the pictures have any face details, but still a lot of feeling. Thanks!


Good stuff. I like the first one the best.


I love your artwork, @stellaglow. And I’m so sorry to hear that you purge everyday. Many, many years ago, I used to purge everyday too. I did that for seven years. Then, one day, I made up my mind to quit and I only went back once twenty years later. But, that didn’t last long, fortunately. Once you have this disorder, you are always vulnerable. But, it can be overcome. You just have to believe in yourself. Believe you can overcome it. When I overcame my bulimia, I was sick, depressed and psychotic too. You can do it!


Did this thread get started?


You are amazing!!! I am really impressed. I sold stuff on ebay for a while, ACEO cards, watercolors. For some reason people are facinated with art brut and outsider stuff.


I love the paranoid ones. Great to turn an illness into something constructive.


These are really beautiful @schizomaticly, keep up the good work.


Thank you guys :two_hearts:


For some reason, when I paint based on my psychosis, I get something interesting.
I just wish I picked a lighter color for the shading :frowning:


I really like your paintings, @schizomaticly. I am impressed. I used to write poetry based on my feelings so I know how that is to want to get your issues out in something creative.


That says a lot about the feeling of psychosis. If you added ears or faces (mean ones at that) to that it would make it even more real.


I made an edit.


I love these! They are beautiful. So expressive. Nice work.


hey @schizomaticly i bet you will be a real pro very soon,

keep up the good work :slight_smile:


Thank you! I hope so :blush:


Nice job. I really like good art. And I like the first one. Totally like me.

Good art is 10% skills and the rest is the feelings memories it awakes.


Thank you :slight_smile:


Your art speaks to me. You are a really talented artist.


You mean vomit?Do you make your self,like bulimia?


Whoops I think I posted this wrong. Pls ignore my first post. Love your Art. This is one of mine