I’m stupid

I wish I was as smart as everybody else even most if not all of you people I keep obsessing about dumb ■■■■ I did before I got on meds I’ve always had a major inferiority complex I have very low self esteem I try to help others but I don’t feel smart at all maybe I’m the stupidest person alive I’m trying to help others on the forum but I didn’t even get my GED because of psychosis


Don’t feel too bad. I feel stupid too.

I do have good qualities I want to make others not feel as bad as I do I have a heart of gold just not intelligence I used to watch “are you smarter than a 5th grader” and of course I’m not

I do stupid stuff.

Bought a chicken curry in a restaurant today with naan
I couldn’t even eat half of it.

They gave it to me to take away.

I threw it away on the way home.

What a waste

You are not alone. I feel sort of stupid too.

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I go through bouts of laughter and almost in tears very fast idk if it’s rapid cycling or just me feeling down and levelling up to normal today I’ve been trying to help people in this forum and on discord idk I think my meds are slowly becoming less and less effective

Dont be so hard on yourself man… I go through some of the same stuff but being kind to myself when I can really helps !!! Being human is super hard


Another thing I constantly doubt I have bipolar schizoaffective idk nothing is making sense to me I just feel like everyone has accomplished more and that makes me happy for them but sad for me

I was once told by a therapist I was faking when in my teen years I never purposely made up stories but i had a psychotic breakdown and ended up vandalizing the school I’d never do it now but I’m a lot stabler now than I was then idk maybe that was mania i was basically high on prozac supposedly it’s mania when you feel high on antidepressants im not a danger to myself I think im overthinking the past and have been for awhile now.

I don’t wanna make too many threads but do people here hate me

Nobody here hates you… for sure I don’t.

Nobody hates you.man your all good
Post as much as you want

I think we are all struggling with something similar

A lot infact the majority of people here are smarter and better than me I hide behind trying to help others but I’m not very smart I really aint

Is it ok to not be smart or to hide? Your human… You want to feel good about yourself too. You want to be accepted right? Focusing on the negative in yourself or others will only grow the negativity. I woke up depressed this morning about negativity and then posted a negative thread then I felt more negative and self righteous until I let go of the negativity. Now the better part of myself is present. Do t let your illness bully you into thinking you are flawed… your a human just like everybody. None of us are perfect bro…

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Thank you all I can seem to think about recently is the past and how I made a lot of mistakes and how everyone seems better than me funnier more able to help others the list goes on I’m not like dangerously depressed i am calling the doctor today I don’t wanna feel this way and I do think my brain is bullying me

Dont obsess over yourself compared to others.

Most people dont amount to jack squat. Even those with positions like dr or prof etc pretty much die anonymously with no legacy on this earth.

Enjoy yourself and dont worry about how you stack up to others

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I never thought of that I don’t want a legacy unless I do something good for the world idk I am a good person it’s just I’m not as intelligent as I seem

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I don’t have the same level of this, but I also often feel I am not intelligent as I would like to be. Luckily we live in an age where any topic can be researched very easily and gaps in knowledge can slowly be filled.
Also I feel like a lot of people are not as smart as they appear. I’ve had plenty of arguments with people who are much higher educated than me and they assume everything they believe is correct where as I personally am much more cautious about knowing something. Than itself is a skill and something I like about myself.

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thats nature of our illness
but your here on scz forum so your not stupid at all
some other may think they are not ill and they are persecuted , they are great ppl and even dont want to take meds unlike you at all

your so much intelligent than some other ppl :+1::+1::+1:


I think I’m persecuted… I guess that makes me stupid

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