I’m so insecure

I’m annoyinly insecure lately. I seek reassurance in the smallest of things and the dumbest of situations.
I can tell it’s annoying and I don’t know how to stop.
The more I seek reassurance, the more it drives people away. The more people pull away, the more insecure I get.
It’s a vicious cycle I don’t know how to break out of.

I can feel myself nearing desperation for some cocnrete answers and reassurance, but it seems just beyond reach.

What can I do?


Are you still in Greece atm? i think if you havent learnt the language yet then i would try and find an English speaking p/doc or therapist that can help you, if this is not possible then try some helplines that speak English,

I feel it must be difficult for you at the moment and i think you should also phone your family if you are still on good terms with them,

If you are really struggling then maybe it is a good idea to return home where you are familiar and rest until you feel better dont feel bad about it bc you can return to Greece later when you feel better, you may have a better support network.

Some of my posts toward you were regrettable. So as far as the likes of me, if for whatever reason you need to hear it, I’ll do better!

I don’t want to leave. But I can’t afford a therapist right now.
I’m not sick, just insecure

maybe a helpline would help then, they may give you a little bit of reassurance if thats all that you need

I chased everyone away with asking for reassurance for things.
Now I’m alone,and nobody wants me near.
People are insecure in nature,all of them.
Prepare your self for easy conversation.If they let you in,then seek for advice.If not,think alone.Hardest part,but makes you stronger.

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