I’m shooketh

I just googled full time job and schizophrenia on Reddit. And there’s so so many people who manage to do it, like at least one recent thread had an entire word length page of accounts able to work often full time.

I know there are friends on this forum who work, but I was curious what meds people take and a whole selection of different meds, goes to show, you really do have to find a combo that works for you


I cannot work at any capacity…too much agoraphobia and restlessness…I am afraid of the general public.


I think statistically they are obviously the few. But I found it really encouraging to see so many different medication working for others

I’ve worked about half my life and I’m 36… some meds meant I had to work less days as I was mostly sleepy all the time. Recently I’ve found a medication that works and managed to work near two years full time. Zyprexa, zeldox, solian and abilify were the drugs I’ve been taking.

I worked for 3 years before being diagnosed which helped to push through. Now my illness is hard to conceal so I’m taking a different approach where I hope the “being different” doesn’t bother me anymore :crazy_face:


I was on resperidone for about 16 years before switching to the Invega Sustenna shot. I’ve been on Seroquel for about 3 1/2 years. My medications seem to work. I’ve been working part time for years.


It’s about 75% dedication and 25% medication. The medication is the foundation, but it is up to you to build something on it.


It took me 8 years from losing my job and getting diagnosed to get employed again, and my hours are pretty limited. I make decent money when I am there though. I can work because of low dosage of antipsychotic means I’m not drowsy or slow, and the shifts are 4 hours maximum which prevents me from getting exhausted and starting to hallucinate as a result.

I don’t know if I could do full time honestly. All it would take is the hallucinations to stop co-operating with me for something to go south. I have had my current job almost 2 years without any problems.

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I’m looking at “simpler” jobs like bookkeeping which I could do part time or from home if possible. I also expect to only be able to do part time till i lose weight, since i’ve just quit smoking, i next have to aim to lose weight. it’s been about eight years for me too


Well that’s okay to start with, but I am putting my money on you to win the race with a good payout. Just so you know.



Love man, honestly. You’re an encouragement I want to repay with good news so badly. I even think about and mention you as an inspiration to my siblings/friends. Honestly big man, you’re appreciated a lot!

What makes you think you aren’t doing this now? You’re already winning. Give yourself the credit you are due.