I’m scared I won’t get my meds

Hello, it’s been awhile since i’ve been on here. My insurance ends at the end of this month so I tried asking my psychiatrist for a 3 month supply I could pick up. She said because of my drinking (I have cut back quite a lot) she will only give me two weeks of my meds. I’m moving next week. I’ll need to find new insurance, new doctor…when i told her i will quit drinking to get my meds she rolled her eyes and shook her head and said she didnt believe me. she made me cry as she has many times during sessions. she really is awful, mean, and doesn’t try to help me at all. I will run out of my meds. I called the office expressing my concern because last time i was off my meds i tried to kill myself. All they told me was they could give me two more weeks of meds. I don’t think I’ll find a new insurance and doctor by the time my meds run out. I’m so scared to be without my meds. This anxiety has made my hallucinations and paranoia increase, and it doesn’t help that i’m now living alone. i’m so scared. I don’t know how to cope with this reality. I’m scared of myself.


Why can’t you have her call in your meds to your new town in two weeks?

She should be able to do that,

I’ve done it before when I’ve moved.

That said, I’d get on finding a new doctor as soon as you can,

It takes a long time to get in to see a decent Pdoc.


As far as insurance goes, doctors are able to often give out samples to help you out when you are having financial problems…you would still have to find a doc though.

That’s good to know. Thanks. I’m super worried about not having my meds it’s giving me such bad anxiety. I hope i can find new insurance and new doctor quick.

Geez they really leave some people in the dark in the US.

Yeah I recommend getting new doc ASAP…

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Hopefully it doesn’t take me too long to find a new doc. I’m scared of side effects if I don’t get my medication. I hope it works out

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She’s an old lady. probably time for her to retire lol


Do you take a benzodiazepine?

Nope no narcotics. She said something that if she gives me a 3 month supply and i keep drinking what if i could die. i don’t know maybe i’m in the dark about this but i thought most overdoses mixed with alcohol were from narcotics

This is a tough one. Mixing your med’s with alcohol can be dangerous. Your psychiatrist sounds pretty strict, though. One time I told my pdoc that I had given this girl who was jonesing for heroin a couple of my Klonopin, and he jerked me off the Klonopin. It puts your pdoc in a very bad position when you abuse alcohol and drugs in combination with your med’s. If you got really sick and had to go to the hospital your pdoc could get into a lot of trouble. You might have to tough this one out. Make yourself some cocoa and watch a movie. Call a relative. Or call a friend. Or stay on this site and get company here. Take it as easy as you can.


Yeah, that doesn’t seem to make sense to me. A two week supply, mixed with alcohol, will kill you.

I don’t get it.

Yes I have had drinking problems and I’m currently in a manic episode trying to cope and do impulse control. I think i definitely need to spend more time on this site because it really is nothing but helpful


I believe just about everyone on this site has had some rough times. I doubt if anyone on here is going to minimize your pain because they know it hurts. You can get through this. It won’t be easy, but you can do it.


Can you get on Medicaid? Sometimes they will rush coverage if you’re in need. Not sure what state you’re in but it’s all income dependent in most states. Also try and see if they have mental health programs. In Arizona where I’m at they have something called SMI (serious mental illness) where you get free mental health coverage after an evaluation. You get free meds free case management and free psychiatrist. My approval only took a week then I was instantly covered. You should look into programs like that. I wish you the best of luck. Also as someone mentioned some docs will have sample of medication they can give for free. Also check out GoodRx for coupons on medications.


I used to like getting drunk too ( a whole lot less now) but drinking should not stop a doctor from prescribing you meds you need. That would never happen here in Canada

Wow that sounds really helpful i didn’t even know there was stuff like that. I will check these things out

Well worst case scenario you could get haldol for very cheap without insurance you would just need a Dr to prescribe it like maybe at a urgent healthcare clinic

@madi This is a hell of a place they are trying to give to you.

When I had all kinds of insurance, I once went to the ER to get a script for my antipsychotic. I got it, too.

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