I’m in a panic

My brother and wife and three kids are staying with us. They are coming from Hawaii. I’m in a panick. I’m changing meds because of suicidal thoughts. Still waiting on meds to come In the mail. I don’t know how to play hostess. I just want to be left alone. I can feel myself getting overwhelmed

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First things first…breathe. then call your pdoc and see if he can sample you until the mail comes…tell him your situation maybe he could suggest some short time tranquilizers.

Thanks for your comments

One day at a time

I was like you for years, briteeyez… Its terrible how sensible we are…If you have benzos, try to take them, yes. And don’t feel guilt to be like this. You are like this now and this doesn’t make you a bad hostess. Also, you can isolate sometimes in a private room and you can tell this to your brother. He’ll understand.


I had a relative live with us during a med change. The important thing to remember is yourself! It takes so much energy to do each individual thing each day. Prioritize and relax. YOU come first…a benzo will alter your perceptions just focus on how much energy you have and do what you can based on that. People don’t understand mental illnesses so don’t expect empathy from people. Remember to relax and breathe. It’ll be ok. They can’t physically hurt you! This will all be okay if you remember your health comes first and foremost. If you feel ill at 7 pm, go to bed…what can they do to you…not understand is about it. Only you can decide how you allow people to affect you. Best of luck! Priorities are you! :hugs:

Thank you All for your support. Thank you

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