I’m guessing everyone is lucky here who got treatments

What happens to people who didn’t get treatments for schizophrenia?

They often deteriorate and some end up homeless or in jail.

people with schizophrenia senses are super sensitive. how can someone become worse than they already are and become homeless? something doesn’t feel right about this

Well some of them lose their families over it. I would have been homeless if not for my monthly disability which I used to rent a room within walking distance to a grocery store.

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Things would have continued to go very bad. I wouldn’t be in as good a situation as I am now if I hadn’t taken antipsychotics for approaching 4 years now. Even though the side effects of antipsychotics have been shocking.

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how can one handle the noise and sensitivity to everything out on the street as homeless? will i shout a lot if i am homeless? what kind of hellish existence would that have been?

i ended up begging, shouting at strangers on the street, wearing inappropriate clothing, stealing food, drinking and drugging getting into a strangers car to smoke with him, sleeping on the pavement and losing time

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my sister did get treatment and none of it helped
she had treatment resistant, steadily worsening and unremitting psychosis for 12 years
eventually she ran away from a hospital she was in for 2 years to get hit by a car and killed hitchhiking to London

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What does that say about people in general?

I don’t know
this is 2 individuals myself and my sister

Why did the agency people treat her like that?

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I don’t know
she did not respond to medication
i think there was more they could do yes

  • but these days it is even harder to get a bed
    i was in hospital for 9 months and it saved my life
    the staff were excellent with me
    but yes they were in some way completely negligent with my sister

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