I’m going nuts (by choice)

Hi multiple serving friends. I’m going awol by choice I’m tired of having to be ruled by sense. You wouldn’t ask a grown turtle to box so why ask a leopard to print on a xerox. I understand there are caring folk on this site, just ignore the land mines and I might take your leg. Don’t worry it is tax deductible.

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Until there’s a reasonable, scientific explanation for all this, than any explanation is as good as the next. It could be anything.

Everyone else has abilities that I don’t have. Maybe this is what they mean when they say sixth sense. You don’t know how disorienting it is to be on the receiving end of others’ cosmic trolling.

It can drive one to a hilly farm with a farmer that has an internet connection stolen from a pay phone. This way, the incessant derailment of the all too obvious ‘you’ve got mail’ seems less occupying, like when an Icelandic nurse asks you to make a fist.

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I hope normal programming will return as soon as possible. :smile:

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Did you know that turtles like watermelon?

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If this new outlook is responsible for that “bummanship” post, I don’t know that I want to discourage it.

Breaking news. I am pleased to report that the ascot found on the off ramp belongs to none other than Jimmy the grappler of the cartel of rare and precious gemstones (CRAPG). When he inquired to highway patrol about said ascot, Jim was relieved to find out that in a stroke of pure bummanship, the ascot had been located. When asked about how fortunate he felt, the grappler responded ‘glory glory halperidol.’ Apparently the garment had great sentimental value -you see jim isn’t only the grappler, he’s also a fledgling socialite. in the eyes of this reporter, a neck in need is a hack away from knighthood.
This has been a special report.

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Nice to know our land and seafaring friends would enjoy :watermelon:. But the question looms: do they in fact ingest seeds? Are there possible underwater patches unbeknownst to landlocked creatures? Would it stand to reason that these melons are sandier than land grown ones? Is the rind edible? These are questions that baffle us all. Instead of utililizing our marine resources to pollution or species survival, let’s all get behind seeking this truth, that turtles enjoy watermelon.

Look at him isn’t he lovely?

The turtle trying to get the tomato is how I feel trying to get my life back.

So close yet so far.

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