Important news flash

i am a womble today.
and i am having a picnic with my koala friend :koala: on a rainbow :rainbow:
" YIPPEE !?! "
take care :alien:


I am sending this pink ox :ox: to bring you strawberry tarts :strawberry: for you and your koala :koala: to share on your picnic, with my warmest regards. :bee:

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Yesterday I saw a video of a bird feeding a dog and a cat with pieces of bread or something. When cat didn’t want any more, the bird turned to dog.

We humans are plain losers.

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Few animals disobey the law of the jungle that requires them to respect each others’ homes. On the other hand, humans find great sport in raiding. Sometimes I wish humans were as sensitive as animals of the wild.

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i think i maybe quite mad today…oh well !?!
i am joking people… :wink:
back away from the sith…he is having ’ another ’ turn :tophat:
take care :alien:

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