Ideas Man 15 Chars

Slither has an idea. It comes down to versions. I KNOW from the past. I just need a proper version. What makes a good meal? A cup of Java, and some food for the burp. All while looking out your windows.

I hov made progress looking out through my windows. Burping down the food is childs play with my Java. The same realization as before. “Automation” is all I have. I stand by that. I cont think of anything better.
I will tidy it up. Thonks.

By the way Revv. I will give you my mail sumtime if it is OK with the mods.

Do NOT give your home address to strangers on the internet. Please. It is not safe.


I have seen all your posts and you seem to have disorganized thoughts. Are you on meds? I had disorganized thoughts but they improved on meds.


Basically it’s turning into this. I need bought poker chips. Without good chips I can’t do nothing. I can’t even burp down my food. I need reliable chips before I can do anything. But no attention given to privacy at the dinner table.

Oh and /at/ninjastar. I love your new profile pic girl.

The poker is turning into a fun little game each day. A little time given, but it is not really important with “him” at the poker table.

Well hors the thing. I now can spin my chips easy. Proxifing on the dance floor. Free chips although I was willing to make a bet.

But hors the thing. In only a few short months things have changed. Like it’s harder than it was a few months ago? Well I can spin my chips, but if memory serves things are different on some sites now. I can still curl my fingers to see if I want, even with my window view.

I mean I signed the letter. I would have made a bet, but they gave me free golden chips. Work perfectly.

But ows I said things have changed. I notice and I have a momory.

It is called locking the chips. Does “him” even have a measure agonst it? I doubt it. Hehehe. Well that is whor the chips fall.

I will dosable doh and try agon. But this lockout of chips is still thor.

Well it hos changed from a few months ago on at least two casinos. The only thing I cun think of is using a list for the names of the chips. To slow the rate, and prevent locking me out of the casino, but I don’t think it will work well. There hos been a change, not from “him”, but from the casino ware.

Dow not deny it ■■■■■■ Bigfoot it going again. ■■■■■■■ neighbours. You know I’m right

@SlitheringThing what was your old account name?

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I checked your posts in October and you didnt seem to have disorganized thoughts. What happened?

One casino chip attempt every two minutes perhaps, for 2 weeks. Would it work? Do the math ■■■■■■ 10080 attempts. Dun lie to me this time Bigfoot. Thongs have changed. I know this time.

Um not saying “he” changed it /at/dearzombie. I’m staying the Casinos changed it.

I jos want to say I thunk real progress is being made. Being able to spin my golden chips easy proxifying on the dance floor.

I just tested again, knowing the lockout, with little words written on chips to see what’s happening. Well I got 3 confirmed chips. The only ones, simply by pausing incrementally, needless to say easy to do with a autoclicker which I keep in my pocket.

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