I’m getting results from methylfolate, a special type of vitamin B9

I’ve been waiting a month to see how it goes before posting on here, but I’m having success with methylfolate.

I think it’s something like 50% of the world has a genetic mutation that makes them unable to fully process folate from foods. People with this mutation only absorb about 10% of folate from foods.

Food is fortified with a synthetic man made form called folic acid, it’s not true folate (b9) though.

They add folic acid because it’s more heat stable and natural folate will degrade with heat and light exposure etc, etc.

Folate raises dopamine, serotonin and neuroephrenine (spelling?).

Methylfolate lowers homocysteine and so does betaine. (Betaine is another supplement I take but I get it from foods like spinach, beetroot and wheat bran, but not every day, just every other day.).

It’s been 5 weeks of taking methylfolate. The first 5 days I actually felt worse, then after that it got better.

In trials with schizophrenia the methylfolate help dramatically, but only with the people with the genetic mutation.

I take 400mg that’s the recommended daily allowance. I see people taking up to 15 grams! Omg that would be too much for me.

I’ll keep updated.

It may not help my schizophrenia but it’s helping. Who knows, it may help schizophrenia


I use it. At least I used to. It kind of acts like a stimulant for me. But it might have been giving me heart palpitations.

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How much you taking?

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400 / day. (When I was taking it every day)


I need to try Sarcosine before I get too excited.

But that’s awesome that you are seeing promising results.


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