I’m becoming small minded

My husband has such pathetic parents
He is badmouthing my sister at all times with a load of platitudes thrown in
and being a big child about their tense at best chats
I get angry with her and go on here then forget about it while he hangs on to alll if it

I’m getting worried that I’m being sucked into it all
So everyone thank you

It’s tough to sit in the middle between a husband and a family member,
Sucks is more like it.
could your husband be distracted and redirected to something else other than your sister?
I feel for you, hope you can keep your ‘window’ open for good things to come in.

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I do not say to him I don’t like his parents
It’s the opposite extreme… Where is the love in a woman who says “who would go to beer festival?” In all seriousness.
I’ve just turned into exactly that by wondering why people would go to a psychedelic seven day festival?

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To escape their life they no longer love?
A distraction of any kind is welcome… ?z

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It’s a deal breaker being small minded with him in his small town
we are leaving the city I call home to live near his new job where his parents live

I think you have it there

I think you need to consider all the positives and all the negatives of leaving him. Do you think your life would be all right if you stayed with him for the rest of your life?

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I just don’t want him to turn into his parents

It might take a little effort to do that, but if he is worth it, carry on.

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thanks Crimby, absolutely

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