I’m avoiding groceries

Because my credit bill statement ends on the 21st. I really ran up a big credit card bill this past month. Trying to get this next grocery store trip on the next statement

I’ll probably be able to pay off my credit card bills in a couple months. But this month I’m not gonna be able to pay the whole thing. Someone once told me paying partial increases your credit anyways. Like there’s a certain percentage of your credit card bill that you’re supposed to pay for the optimal amount of credit. Is this true?

we’re asking for a credit increase

never missed a payment, always on time

I learned if you pay a little extra than the minimum

your interest rates will go down.

Can you go to the local pantry?

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I have a little bit of food left just not great stuff and I’m going out to dinner tonight with my family so that’s a meal I don’t have to pay fortunately. I might have to go to the grocery store and spend $10 on a few meals tomorrow or something

Do you qualify for going to a food pantry if I may ask?

My credit limit is 3000 a month, last month was the only month I didn’t pay the whole bill. I guess 3000 is a lot more than I can possibly have based on my ssdi really. So it allows me to go into a little bit of debt but not too much. My minimum payment is only 25 a month. Usually I’m paying multiple hundreds per month. But getting a little behind now so can’t pay the full. But good to know if I pay less it increases credit. I guess credit cards give u more money. Especially when u got steady income coming in it’s good. If your income fluctuated a lot I’d say credit cards are dangerous but in my case it gives me the ability to go into debt kinda. I like ccs. I feel like I keep having to spend more more more but at least I find more efficient ways. Like I used to get take out a lot now I get groceries. Stuff like that. To save money. But now I have a cat, more needs and stuff.

Maybe. I qualify for food stamps but my mom has too much pride for me to allow me to get em. Says I don’t need it. It’d be nice though

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Why do you need your mom’s permission? Is she paying for your groceries?

honey, I don’t know why you’re paying food on a credit card,

it should be for major expenses, or hotels, or car rental.

Food is food, everybody needs it. No shame.

That’s true. She just tells me I don’t need it. She pays half my rent and my cable bill and she’s my payer so she’s kinda in charge I guess lol.

Well you get 3% back on gas and groceries, no? :smiley:

that’s a tough situation

Could you ask her for grocery money?

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really? I don’t know.

Phil pays everything cash, and I use Dave’s card.

it’s back child support I’m still getting
from years of throwing boxes and getting nothing.

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It’s really not as an issue the groceries themselves I was more trying to understand out how credit and money works in making this thread.

well, it goes by your payments

you get more credit the more you pay in

what do you mean?

You answered my questions pretty well. Thanks @Daze it won’t hurt to go to the grocery store spend $10 and pay it off the month after that. Still contemplating food stamps though.

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all you gotta do to get assistance is prove you’re disabled

I got heat assistance

boxes of food

subsidy on my mortgage

I think your parents should be encouraging you to get what’s there

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