I Love This Quote on Being Crazy


I thought I changed the world when I was psychotic. And part of me still believes I can if I write a book about my tale.

Making the one percent give back to the 99 percent was my psychotic goal…the redistribution of global wealth.

I still feel I can do it, on some level.

definitely. it’s been said that Hillary Clinton should have had a little craziness about her. idk.

oopps, I forgot, I can’t talk politics on here. sorry.

I believe if your goal is altruistic, no obstacle in your way is insurmountable.

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Altruistic definition:

Showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish.

That was me when I was psychotic…trying to prove to the world that I was not evil. I had the ‘delusions of persecution’ in spades and felt billions of people wanted me dead.

I thought I could reverse this situation through a global act of kindness…by donating a signed tin of Campbell’s soup to the Food Bank.

I figured after I was killed, or i took my own life, the story would be told and that simple can of soup would be worth billions to a rich pop culture collector and millions of people would be fed across the world.

it was a noble pursuit, thing to do. :slight_smile:

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I mentioned my thought process before.

Andy Warhol painted the Campbell’s Soup can and his famous quote was something like…

“In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes.”

I felt I was living my 15 minutes, and specifically chose to donate a Campbell’s soup can to the Food Bank because of his quote.

Then i thought his quote would come true…billions of people would be fed and everyone of them would become a Star because of it…everyone in the world would become famous like I felt i was…and then somehow i would fit in.

I’d finally get the world off of my back through a giant act of kindness, and then go back to my little job and family.

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Welcome back @Daze


Where’s the Beef!


This is an Andy Warhol print worth thousands of dollars, I believe.

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All Lives Meater! ha.

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Welcome back, @Daze!

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I’ll stop talking about this.

I feel my brain is starting to slide again. Just rehashing all of this giant ‘spectacle delusion’ stuff is making me read double/ triple meanings into things that I assume are not really happening.

I was wondering, Patrick, you seem highly charged.

Just don’t let it go too far.

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I’m now reading mixed meanings into the Google Home Page bird.

What do you mean?

The bird that is decorating the Google sign today.

I see it; I’ve somehow forgotten what mixed meanings mean

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