Some things I wrote while psychotic in hospital

Power -(minus) respect= revenge

And this :

Freedom through slavery
Destiny through free will
Altruism through selfishness
Revenge through goodwill

I think it all made sense at the time :joy:


I don’t know if it is just me, but it makes sense

I have seen : “Freedom through slavery” in other words, other places

I like “altruism through selfishness” it is like when i give beggars money, not for their sake, but to feel that i have done something good.


I like these thoughts

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I wrote about WW3 on fb all day and tried to warn ppl about the new war. Also that I am Jesus and will save them.


Freedom through slavery reminds me of the phrase on the gates of a german concentration camp in ww2 the english translation is work will set you free

destiny through free will raises the question that given free will is our eternal fate the same even though there is no flying spaghetti monster ie an abyss

altruism through selfishness reminds of nietchsze’s morality of pity, the part where he says people who help others are doing it to exemplify that they are not in need of help, boastfully among other things.

revenge through goodwill is like the ethos of environmentalists or animal rights activists etc the things they say and do not only aim to make the planet healthier but to make the vast majority of people look like inconsiderate and selfish pigs.


I mostly write angry things when I’m hyper-focused on my “unusual beliefs.” Like, “eff you, you effin cun7s.”


The first time I was in the hospital I was so paranoid I wouldn’t talk so they gave me a pencil and paper and asked me to write things down. They even had my family members encourage me to write my thoughts down.

I didn’t write a damn thing but I tried to kill myself with the pencil. They took it away from me. I didn’t see any cameras in the bathroom so I don’t know how they caught me. There was certainly one over the bed.


Dang man seems u went through a tough time. They did the same to me then took it away and read it all. What the heck lol

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Didn’t Foucault say: “Only the slave is free.” ?

I just looked at the notebook I had at my last ( and final ) hospitalization and all the things I wrote which I thought were good weren’t really but still therapeutic. My pictures in crayon were very nice though, I must say.

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