I love the idea of colonizing the moon

We’ve got to figure out how to make water on the moon. Because there can be no lively life without water.

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Maybe they can ship all us mentally ill people up there and we could all live together in a big colony and we would be true lunatics.


Hey, it was a healthy, excited thought. Where is your mind !

I was just joking around. It’s a cool idea, but I think I would get homesick for earth.

It’s inherited for me. My mothers ancestors came over here 10 years after the Mayflower.

Maybe the republicans will send us all up there…a one way ticket. And no free food and water and air.


who said lively life needs water…?

Every living being needs water!!! Unless you can name one that doesn’t.

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Moreover, these bacteria survive with no water and little or no oxygen.

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I stand corrected. Lol.

Yea, but then we should add air and colognize the moon with a nice scent of some kind.