I like to swear a lot when im alone

cnt sht n word etc

seems like it gets me to sleep on time for some odd reason

Me too, when I get mad at something - can be little things. I don’t go that deeply into the vocabulary. Usually. I’ve never Thought of using the ‘n word.’ I hope I forget, now.

I also swear more when im alone i just say fuke a lot

I caught my cousin going WEEE OOOO WEEE OOO when he was peeing one time. He is an adult. In college.

I cuss, and sing, in the car…interchangeably.


on another note,
my fave T-Shirt says down one side:

(think it phonetically)

for the few that understood it, their faces either laughed, or went very wrong.

Don’t even think about clicking on the link below:
if you’re under 18, or
easily offended!

You have been warned, so if your offended, complain to someone who cares.

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I swear much…just in general…anywhere…despite other people…
or animals …i will tone it down for small children and…uhh…nope just small children… I also really like cheese… And yes that has everything to do with swearing alot…

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I cut loose with a few blasphemes now and then, when I am really pissed off.