Cursing on this site

I notice that I do a lot of cursing on this site. I really curse more when I write as opposed to when I talk. Sometimes it is difficult for me to control my emotions (bipolar) I personally do not mind when others use curse words - but I do realize that I may be overdoing it, and some might even find it offensive. I used to use the term “normie” or “normal” when talking about a non sz person - I promised my self that I would substitute “normie” with non SZ, and I have kept to that promise.
I have decided that I can make a point without cursing so much. I will be doing a lot less cursing on this site, and if I can avoid it, I will - it is a personal decision


I have noticed that the amount of cursing on this site seems to be on an upward swing at the moment.

Yes it is a choice and not necessary to get a point across.

One good thing I remember about my father was his attitude regarding cursing. He could curse up a storm at work and around the men but at home he made the effort to not swear as he considered it disrespectful to the home.


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I know I curse when I really am at a loss for a better word. Even then, I’ll pull out a dictionary before I reach for the cussing.

I’m impressed by men and women who are eloquent. Cursing sort of hits an odd chord with me. It taste like bitter coffee mixed with too hot mustard. Just not something that feels good in my mouth.

My parents have sort of accidently instilled a theory that people who cuss just don’t know any other words. When I used to cuss, they would hand me a dictionary and walk away. My parents are teachers and they have friends who are teachers and it was sort of told to me that I wouldn’t have to cuss if I just got better language skills. I started to sort of feel ashamed of cussing.

I know it’s a habit. I have worked to break that habit. I try not to slip back into it. I just don’t enjoy cussing as much as others. I really don’t understand the need.


I’m so glad you brought this up, Rob. It was a topic that I was planning on starting, due to the over abundance of cursing lately.

I understand the motivation behind it most of the time. It comes out of sheer frustration and anger. Like your post on your family talking about your weight gain.

But there are other posters who use it in a habitual, offensive way. And that’s not ok. There are ways to get your point across without using foul language.

I believe we’re all adults here, and are equipped with the language skills to communicate our points of view and emotions without getting foul and offensive.

My grandma’s motto was always:

“Keep it classy!”

Keep it classy!



“Keep it classy” I’ve heard that too in my house. :wink:

Maybe our grandma’s knew each other…


Thank you guys - I am always trying to better myself, it is all part of my personal journey :smiley:


Yes, I’ve noticed the cussing too, I use it spoken word at times of stress and when my barriers are down and I don’t really think before I say. I’m getting better at not swearing, I don’t use it around new people and I don’t tend to use it in written word, I’m much more eloquent when writing I’m much more garbled and either shouting, whispering or slurring my words when I talk, I don’t really have a middle ground, as my mum says anyway, to me, I sound normal so I get very frustrated at times which leads to loss of inhibition and a period of swearing.

I don’t like swearing in general, when I have control, it makes me feel rude and bad.

But I don’t take offence at swearing unless it’s excessive where people use the f word in every possible chance they get which can be multiple times in one sentence and I don’t like the c word at all! I get offended when people say that and my opinion of them goes down but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt just thinking it was an off day, if they repeat it a few times I’d not be so accepting, I just hate that word with a passion.

This is me though; I know of people who accept swearing as common language!

Take care,

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Thanks for bringing this up Wave. I’m from the Baby Boomer generation. Growing up, it was just a given that cussing was not a good thing. It was also a given that men would naturally cuss more around men, but when around women it was viewed as very disrespectful, particularly the F-bomb - that was a huge no-no. You never heard that word in mixed company.

I am dismayed at how easily the F-bomb is used these days, even by women. When it is used around me I feel disrespected. Sometimes I sadly think I’m old fashioned and it’s just the way our culture is evolving. I have never allowed cussing in my home or if I’m within earshot. As Anthony and James say, it shows a lot more class to keep it clean.


Hi @lovemyson I am from the Baby Boomer generation as well, I was not really raised to curse all of the time. I mean I casually curse especially in the past during my youth in front of certain people like male friends. I tend to curse when my moods shift for the worse. I realize that cursing is not necessary and I can express myself by using other more acceptable words


Maybe it’s a regional and a bit of an age thing because I’m not from the boomer generation and my few friends don’t cuss.

My girlfriend doesn’t cuss either. One of her jobs is a bit corporate.

My sister’s friends aren’t cussers. But then they all have jobs teaching little kids and when your out on the beach, you’re interacting with a very wide range population. So I haven’t heard cussing from my sis or her friends or co-workers.

I do hear cussing when I’m by the park in front of the dock workers or in the park by the frat houses. Maybe it’s also a phase. When people get a little older and have to be professional, the cussing just doesn’t fit any more.


I notice it, but you see and hear it everywhere so no big deal to me, unless it’s every other word f this or that… then it just makes more to read… LOL

I rarely do it myself in writing or in spoken word, with the exception of very light stuff like crap or piss which really are hardly even cuss words today though my grandma would have had issue with those words…

I might on rare occasion say or type the word 'shyte" but that is just the Scottish in me… :slight_smile:


Very true James. And btw I’m no angel and certainly wasn’t in my younger days:) I do let out the occasional $#!# or D@## when I stump my toe or some dummy cuts me off in traffic. But I do try to be mindful of it, especially in front of my kids because I know even as old as they are, I am still setting an example.

Sometimes I even say “gummit” as my Mom used to say, that was her worst cuss word. My siblings and I still say gummit to each other in jest because it was quite comical when our Mom said it :smile:


Im a 21 year old male powerlifter and college student, I say :skull: phuck a lot, its my way of expressing my feelings for schizophrenia ( :skull: phuck schizophrenia)

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You’re a smart guy. I’m sure that you can find another way to express yourself on this site.

What may be appropriate for your powerlifting team and college friends may not be appropriate for this site.

You must consider your environment and audience. Like I’m pretty sure you don’t talk that way around your parents or professors. They would find it offensive. Likewise, people here find it offensive. And start flagging your posts. You don’t want that.

Try to keep it classy please.




personally it does not bother me , but good on you for changing your ways…said the dark lord !?!
take care

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Cuss words lose their power the more they are said.

I’m from the baby boom generation too, and if I ever dared to swear in my mothers presence, I would get smacked upside the head-and rightfully so. I was taught to respect my parents and their generation no matter my age. whatever I wanted to say when they weren’t present was my business, but used to say with every cuss word someone uses, their intelligence points drop accordingly.


A curse word i find is all in the reasons it’s being said.

It can’t be a curse if it’s being said in a good way can it?

And let’s not be to proper, we live in an awful awful place and have literally thousands of reasons to just let it hit the fan verbally.

Is it okay to let out a big “holy ■■■■!” if i break my arm? What if i get run over?

And me, i’ve been hurting for quite some time now, cussing just feels right you know.

Last time i saw my incredibly neglectful and cold father i cussed a little bit, i had never been more sick and suicidal at that point, and i said “■■■■” or something like that, he said “watch your mouth.”

Let them curse i say! Some have a good reason to!

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Cuss all that you need to, i don’t mind.

I think there are good ways to cuss and bad ways, all in the reasons really.

As long as you need to do it.

Dear Mr. Wave,

Rob, thank you for this post. I’ve never seen that much cussing in your posting. But working towards a more peaceful mind is always a good thing.

I think your quest for self-improvement is very admirable. I did want to Thank you for leading the way of knocking down some of the “normie” dislike on the site. It sure has made it easier for me to get ideas from other members.

Small actions inspire big change. I find you inspiring.

Thank you for letting me post


Thanks so much @kidsister I appreciate those kind words, it means a lot to me

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