Its sunday but i stayed at home

Its sunday,i don’t work and I stayed at home,i think people might call me a home boy,it is the right word to describe this,haha

I guess that would make me a home girl, I don’t even plan on getting dressed from my night clothes today.

:smiley: , I don’t feel so different now XD

We could start the pajama club.

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Not sure where you are from but here in the US today started daylight savings time so we all lost an hour of sleep.

I am from Malaysia,far away from US…haha

Hope you take a rest and sleep better tonight…

:clock2: :arrow_right: :clock3: :bangbang:

I get dressed in street clothes, but I hardly ever leave my room. I stay in my room on the weekends, make the short walk to the clubhouse for day treatment during the week, and go to town once a week with my group to get groceries. It does make me appreciate nice weather more when I do go outside.

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Today I went out for a bicycle ride with my husband. He came back earlier from his office and invited to go out riding bicycle. We visited a special park near my complex. It is a park built on the ancient royal shipbuilding site. We haven’t been there before. In this park we visited a display of ancient shipbuilding technology. Also we watched the fake antique ship. It is huge in size and was made of wood. According to the royal family history, the fleet navigated from China to South Africa six hundred years ago.

On the way back home we passed by a coffee shop and walked in asked for two cup of coffee.

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Today I went to the flea market with my husband. It was quite windy. Autumn is in the air, yippee!

think its okay to just chill at the house, nothing wrong with it, dont have to go out all the time.


I don’t know about other parts of the country but here in my neck of the woods, a “homeboy” is usually another name for a gang-banger. Or “homey” for short. What’s up holmes?

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Yea,homey should be the word

Or cuz…

**That`s exactly how I feel right now–only-spring is here!!!
Congrats on your book! :sunny: **