I like my new boots

They’re doc martens but they’re steel toe extra wide industrial doc martens, ironbridge they’re called. They’re black and heavy. I now wear high top chucks only for exercise.

In some walks of life they call heavy duty boots sh1t kickers


You run in chucks…that’s not good.

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No I run in nike free trainers


i used to wear dr martens in my high school years. i was considered cool to have them, i had several colours. :sunglasses:

I’m a big fan of Nike for walking or my Rockport Walkers. I’ve got a selection of steel toe CSA approved footwear for work, but can’t say I enjoy wearing the crap. The extra-wide is an issue as they make it difficult to work the accelerator, brake, and clutch in one unit at work that was obviously designed for ladies with size six feet. Whoever made the decision to purchase this truck obviously wasn’t someone who knew enough to test drive it.

Had someone try to roll an oil drum across my toes at the first week of working the new job (one of my trainers is a bit of a schmuck and needed to retire ten years ago), so yes, PPE is a good thing. No complaints about that.


We just found out from the local outlet store that Rockport shoes has been bought out by New Balance, and they are discontinuing all their shoes. Shame because they were very well made and comfortable.



I procured five pairs of Walkers on sale and am trying to find more online. This is worse than the Old Coke / New Coke thing. :frowning:


Yeah, that stinks when you find something comfortable and they decide to discontinue it, I sure know that feeling well.

They Look like hiking boots:

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those are real nice mouse

I have these dickeys work/hike boots that i really like. I got em last year. Really came in handy last winter.

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Doc Martins have saved my toes many many times…

Just the other day a newbie on the job ran over my toes with a wheel barrow full of top soil…

Steel toed boots… a life saver.


Nice…I’m getting another workers evaluation at a nature center from this place that helps people with disabilities find a job. So I’ll be working at a nature center 3 days a week making money for a trial period. I have 9 months experience volunteering at a nature center so maybe they’ll like my work.

Sorry your post just reminded me, I didn’t wanna make a thread about it…But wanted to share. This seemed like a good opportunity.

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That’s them! They’re just industrial ■■■■ kickers sort of like combat boots. I wanted combat boots but only found my extra wide size on doc martens

■■■■ kickers, i’m very familiar haha

I have a pair of Navy combat boots from when I was in boot camp

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Bates 8in right? Standard in SEALs is Bates

Yeah, bates sounds familiar. ■■■■■■■■■■■■■ are uncomfortable as ■■■■ haha

I had to march through the snow in chicago in those things

Oooh, I was the bad kid in this department. I wore real army combat boots to mock all the doc martin wearing kids.

I guess I just lost your vote. :frowning: