Check out my new dr martens

Just ordered


V v cool. I like the ‘bully boy brown’ doc martins!

Top quality shoes though

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Yeah they last for years

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Wow very cool …

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Very nice, when i was young i had a pair of shiny red Dr.Martens boots.

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Very cute :slight_smile:

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Great boots. I wore out my last high topped steel caps. Amazing work boots.

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Really nice!

I like the rose patterns on them. :rose:

And they look very versatile, like they could go with a variety of outfits.

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The shoes arrived. Wore them to the shop in the rain.


I got my Nylon Combat Boots on Amazon. I love them. Only problem is I get scars and ■■■■ from wearing short socks instead of tall socks. I cannot wear them otherwise. They’re super lightweight and cool looking.

They’re dr martens. They were a little pricey. But I wanted to splurge and do something nice for myself. They were cheap compared to the leather ones and fancy looking ones.

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