New shoes! :D

Today is the day I’m getting new shoes! My friend and I are going to a supermarket where they have shoes and crocs, because I need both.

I’m so excited! :smiley:
He’ll be here sometime during the next hour.


Nothing like some retail therapy!!! Have fun!!!


Pick a comfortable size :athletic_shoe:

I want a pair of crocs. My feet are really wide and when they were popular I had a pair and they were so comfortable. They’re hard to find now, though.

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I know! It’s like walking on a bouncy cloud! :smiley:

The originals are hard to find, but there are insanely cheap knock-offs in most stores here.

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You should share a picture of your find. I’m curious about your taste in shoes.

Is that weird? Lol

I think of you as a friend but I feel like I don’t know what kind of shoes you would wear because I’ve never seen you wear shoes. It’s trivial. But I’m curious!

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These are today’s purchase! Along with a 10-pair-pack of socks and some juice for my vape.
Tomorrow we’re going hunting for shorts :smile:


Sweet finds @Pikasaur!

I love shoe shopping, and clothes shopping in general. Haha. :slight_smile:

Take care,

  • Monte

I found my pair of crocs so hot, i just sweat so badly in them. But they are super cute.

Congrats, I need new running shoes, got a hole in mine


My feet sweat a little in them, and I’ll have to slowly get used to the chafing, but they’re super comfortable otherwise.

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I just got gifted new running shoes. Brooks are my fav brand now. Especially since they come in narrows or 2A.


That’s why i bought new shoes - all mine had holes

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ok shall we talk about shopping here, because i :heart: shopping.

I have one boutique where owner always give me good discount. I don’t know the reason for that, but i bought there burgundy jacket that i adore. And many other stuff :joy:

Will post pics later…


Please do! I want to see what kind of clothes you guys are into.

And @LED show me yours, I showed you mine? :joy:


All I need is new Hoodies, Jeans and Undies


Speaking of shopping… I’m creating our Wedding Registry. Its like shopping without buying, no telling what gifts we will receive. I’m kind of hoping for a bunch of stuff not on the registry, you know hand chosen gifts.

Plus buying stuff for the wedding itself. The budget is slowly slipping away

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I wish I could do like Carrie from Sex And The City, and get married to myself so people would have to buy me things from the registry, haha :stuck_out_tongue:

In all serious, hand picked gifts are usually the best. It shows the other person really thought about what you might like.


These are the ones I wear pretty much every day. If I know it’s a ton of walking I’ll wear my tennis shoes/trainers and if there’s any chance of rain I’ll wear my rain boots because they’re my most comfortable shoes. (those are under the baby’s bed because I never wear them, so you’ll have to wait until she wakes up for a picture)

These sandals I wear pretty much year round, if it’s cold I’ll wear them with socks. They’re foamy likes crocs.


They look super comfy! :smile:

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