I like Bernie Sanders

I know no other Presidential candidate who shares/shared his opinion and thoughts openly in the social media as Sanders have done already many years.


He looks like the best bet to me, as well. I’m not super stoked about any of candidates, but Bernie seems the most benign. Not sure if they will let him surpass Hillary, though, even if that’s what most people would want. The elections are a bit of a fraud in some ways.

I want Bernie to win but his comment on republicans and mental health offended me. I’d might as well contribute to Hilary’s success.

Even though he made that comment I still support him. But who cares? I’m not american :smile:

Hillary seems like a total Chameleon to me. I would rather have someone who is not perfect and says sorry, than someone who tries to gaslight everyone into believing they are perfect. The latter spells big trouble.


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