I hate to be pushed into "thinks"

It took me a long time, but I’m coming out supporting Hillary. I think that just a few weeks ago, I expressed having doubts about her, but, as I wrote then, doubting is still open to discussion. I’ve discussed it with myself and think she’d be the best. And Bernie for a VP.


I think all of our choices are run-of-the-mill high-functioning psychopath politicians. So therefore, I don’t really feel too judgy about who anyone chooses at this point.

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I don’t disagree with you. I’m just saying she’s the least offensive.



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My thoughts on election this year…
So going to buy this sign.


I’m supporting both Hillary and Bernie. My head goes to Hillary, but my heart to Bernie. On Facebook I only share positive stuff about the both of them. My favorite political blogger supports Hillary.

I couldn’t vote, because I am registered undecided even though I’m a Democrat. It is from Sz.

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You mean voting in the primaries? sz’s are allowed to vote.

Only if we have a person there with us.

(hahahahaha!) :wink:

Wait what? I was told I could vote alone. Are you messing :wink: or are you serious :worried:

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I’m messing.

It was probably a bad thing to mess about though.

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Oh good! I was kind worried for a second.

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Oh (!) Shnapp (!)


(TBC) - (TBC) - (TBC)

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