Free healthcare and education

Bernie Sanders knows that mental health is a issue and that the current system is pretty broken. Imagine if you have an episode and can actually get help without begging to the insurance companies? You won’t have to. There are alternatives to warfare, fossil fuel and big money monopolies. Why aren’t we exploring the opportunity to be free from this totalitarian empire because he’s the best hope we have.

Ok so I like Bernie sanders. He’s not a pacifist but close enough because he doesn’t support “perpetual warfare” and knows it’s a waste of time. I think he’s the best bet at ending the war. I did a reading early in the debates and saw Hillary being arrested for some type of crime and Bernie sanders actually getting his goals accomplished of saving the environment and making our economy oil free/stopping mountain top removal. Can you believe it? He’s got grit but he’s all I hope for in a progressive candidate. They blacked him out on media most people aren’t aware that he was the senator of Vermont even here West Virginia or that he’s responsible for decriminalizing the non toxic Marijuana and ending the heroin epidemic by not punishing addicts instead putting them on a path to recovery that involves revolutionizing health care and free college for all Americans funded by Wall Street speculation basically making the criminals who messed the country up pay for the future generations to go to college free. He wants to tax the super rich i.e. Corporations not rich people lmao and he’s going to divert our spending from fossil fuel to clean energy which boosts competition and will make all Americans able to afford an energy efficient car!! He wants to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour vs $7.50 an hour and go after Isis before trying to tackle Assad and Russia he’s a genius!! He knows the odds this man is brilliant and there’s a difference between free trade policies and collective democratic socialism than what’s at hand/a socialism controlled by the wealthy so he’s fair in his statements but a democratic socialist is not the same as a socialist I’ve read up on it. He supported fair pay and is pro gay rights…see his kind of socialism is a community effort instead of being controlled and giving authority to a dictator like a Hillary or a Trump. He’s an independent in essence and accepts that black lives matter and acknowledges the suffering. “America is not supposed to police the world” and although he isn’t opposed to current air strikes and no other candidate is he might at least make this effort a fair and effective one. He wants a democratic Syria not a decentralized controlled Syria but a free one with other nations helping to tackle the issue of radical extremism. We will be the true free America our founders wanted or at least get our last shot at it. Hillary breached sanders voter database first and sanders campaign merely reported a loop hole and got attacked by the Hillary funded dnc! Sanders is winning in the polls he can’t be stopped he’s as unstoppable as the soul of American pride wake up people he stands for US all. But the choice is between building a giant wall and standing up for what you’ve had freedom and acceptance not denial and bigotry. I’ve never been more inspired so if he doesn’t win at least I had a glimpse of hope before we lost the monopoly game.

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