Will you vote for Hilary in 2016?

The republican candidates all seem laughable. It’s a sad state of affairs when Donald Trump is considered a serious candidate!

I assume Hillary Clinton will easily win the US presidential election in 2016.

I’m just curious, would you vote for her? And if not, who would you like to be president?

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I’m undecided. I don’t really see a better canidate.

If I was from the US of A I would vote Bernie Sanders, but I’m not, so I’m just leaving this here.


The elite in the USA will never support Bernie Sanders though, so he has a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning democrats primary. The most he can hope to do is force main stream candidates like Hillary to alter her stances on certain issues further to the left.

It’s a nice dream. We’re having elections here in Portugal too, I wish there was someone here like Bernie Sanders, he would win here.

I’m surprised there isn’t a candidate in Portugal similar to Sanders. I always thought most EU countries were far to the left side of the political spectrum. Is Portugal an exception?

The left here is very complicated… It’s been a two party system that rulles since the revolution in 1974, than there’s a communist party that gets the most votes of the left, than theres “The left block” that are getting more votes, I think in this elections they will be up a notch, they’re winning all the debates and are in the head of fight against corruption. But the two parties that always win have the most corrupt candidates and the most demagogue ones as well, people fall easy for those things. It’s a weird country, politically speaking. We’re not Greece, I wish people here had the guts of the greek people

How bad is the economy in Portugal compared to Greece?

Similar, the economists keep comparing the two countries. In greece they’re making more alternatives on the economy, making parallel coins and whatnot. Here everybody’s bitchin but nobody does anything. There were some riots back in 2011, 2012 but then the cops got violent and everything stopped.

Are you able to find a job? How about most of the people that you know irl?

I’ve heard getting a job in the EU for very young people and also older people is hell!

That you basically have a very small opportunity to find employment during your middle age and that you’re f*cked if you dont. Is this true?

Finding jobs is the most difficult, if you want to work temporary on a restaurant, or a call center is rather easy, but forget about finding a job after you finish college. Everyone’s on call centers now it seems.

Middle aged go into the taxi business. It still pays, but there’s too many taxis going around.

We don’t hear much about Portugal in my country. Some retirement websites say it’s a good place to retire because it is cheap.

I guess this is why Uber is seen as such a threat in the EU? It seems like I read about riots in Paris over Uber’s taxi service.

It sound’s like EU’s version of Florida! :smiley:

Without sink holes.

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That’s a major plus! :smiley:

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A lot of people from the netherlands, germany, england,… come here to retire. They usually buy some land in the interior and live there. The big cities aren’t cheap, but the interior of the country is rather cheap. I’m thinking of going there myself after I finish school, leave the big city.

Yeah, there was. Uber is forbidden here in Portugal.

policy never been my strong suit. i need to keep up with the candidates, maybe time out of my weekends for the nightly news. i’d vote for her, just to keep things status quo. but do i vote for myself or for the masses? john nash said you have to do what’s right/ beneficial for both yourself and the group. Vote Hillary folks.

I like the free college thing from Clinton. She’s definitely a psychopath though. I’ll only vote for her as a last resort.

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