I lied about being sick so my mother in law couldn't come home from the hospital

I am sick, but I don’t feel that bad and am not running a fever.

Both things i lied about.

They want to discharge her from the hospital so she doesn’t catch the flu as its going around the hospital.

So I said I’m sick and that she can’t come home because I can’t take care of her until I’m feeling better.

Now they’re scrambling to get her in a skilled nursing facility so that she doesn’t get sick.

She needed to go to a skilled nursing facility anyway,

I feel kind of bad exaggerating my symptoms to my husband, but I need this.

I need a break.


Your MIL has sounded like she’s exhausting, so I don’t blame you there.


You did the right thing. You really do need a break. A little white lie might just be the catalyst to get things moving in the proper direction for your mother-in-law.

She needs to be in a care facility, and you need your life back. I hope her transition becomes permanent.


I probably would have done the same thing to be honest. I know lying is wrong, but I don’t think I could handle this.


Thanks, @PatrickT,

I needed to hear this.


You really have to be pushy and sometimes b!tchy with the health care facilitators to get results.

I took my then 8 month old daughter to the children’s hospital years ago…she was choking on her baby formula and her face would turn bluish.

The doctor examined her…told me she was fine…and said I could take her home. I stated emphatically that she is NOT going home with me, and that she is STAYING in this hospital until you figure out what is wrong. I will NOT have my child die in my arms at home!

They got her a bed, and kept her for a week of examination, and finally put her on a heavier baby formula. The little muscle in her neck wasn’t fully developed yet, and the food was getting caught in her throat.

The hospital staff all glared daggers at me and for my tone, but I didn’t care. I raised a ruckus and got results.


I hope they get her in a facility and she can stay there. You need this time to get back to yourself.



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What kind of idiot doctor hear’s that an 8 month old child is turning blue because she’s unable to swallow her LIQUID formula, and then decides that “nothing’s wrong?” Did they even observe her while she was eating?



It worked!

She’s going to a skilled nursing facility!

It may not be for as long as I want, but she’s going for now and I need to be grateful for that.


Thank God. Tell them that you get sick often and it’s not healthy for her to be around you, lol. I mean, it’s not technically a lie. You still have sz symptoms, don’t you?

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I absolutely do.

I think once she’s in there it’ll be easier to keep her there,

She’s supposed to stay for a week, but maybe this can be her new home until she’s actually well.


I hope she gets to stay there. Not only do you need it, but she does too. It’s better for her to a) be around people that she can talk to and make friends with, and b) have round the clock care. I don’t understand why they’re being so stingy with the nursing home since they obviously have the room based on how quickly they got her a bed.


Don’t feel bad. You did what you needed to do. I’m glad she is in a facility. She will get the care she needs and you will get your life back. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes a person needs to lie their azz off to get things done. Liars in our system of government. Liars in healthcare. Liars at the workplace. A little leverage applied at the right time and at the right place can move mountains. Don’t feel too bad Rexy. You’ll be okay.

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Can’t you just tell them this and that you run the risk of making it worse
It’s not fair if you have to look after someone at the expense of your own health and it is very serious health thing too not just anything, oh maybe it is personal


They’ve got her in a rehab program.

It may be weeks before she comes home,

I’m so relieved!


:face_with_raised_eyebrow: I’ll be honest, I’m pretty annoyed. They didn’t think she needed a rehab program before? It’s not like you’re a trained special needs nurse or anything like that. You don’t have the means to care for someone 24/7. As far as they knew, you had prior commitments that made taking care of her to that extreme impossible. What if you had a job? What if you ran a volunteer service? What if you had cancer? What if you had kidney failure and were on dialysis?

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Some hospitals just like to discharge people asap, regardless. It sounds like you did the right thing.


I know,

This is the route that should have been taken immediately after she broke her hip,

I don’t know who dropped the ball on that.

I’m just grateful we’re finally at the point where she’s out of the house and into a facility.

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