I'm super upset

As most everyone knows,

My mother in law fell and broke her leg in three places.

She’s been in the hospital a few weeks.

Now it’s time for discharge and she needs to go to a nursing home.

We told her this for the THIRD time last night and she freaked out.

Tried to give all these other options, that just wouldn’t work,

Then accused us of “having too much fun without her around” and not wanting her back,

Then said we were giving her a “death sentence” by sending her to a COVID hotspot (nursing homes in general).

She was totally fine the last two times we brought it up and now she’s freaking out.

I don’t know what to do,

This is all very difficult and she’s making it worse.

I’m so upset.

Mostly I’m afraid she’ll somehow end up back at my house.

It’s been a nightmare with her.


I’m so sorry. Can you get a hospital social worker to talk to her and help her see why she needs a nursing home?


That might be a good idea.

She already has a social worker at the dialysis clinic,

But I’m sure she’s got one at the hospital too.


Guess what? People are allowed to have fun. That includes your kids.

You haven’t had that kind of luck with her so far.


She needs care that you and your husband can’t provide to her. She has to go to a nursing home. She’s just scared I’m sure. It sounds like she’s laying a guilt trip. Don’t let her do that to you. You’ve taken really good care of her for a long time but you aren’t a nurse. Now she needs a nurse. Keep telling her that, bring her back to the reality of her current situation. It’s for her own good.


no way, jose’. she can’t come back…tell your husband it’s you or her.


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