I Know You Don't Believe Me But--

– I have totally lost my mind. And yet I can read a book and talk about it. You can train the mind to do Anything.

I went to the grocery store this morning and I swear I was close to exploding for the slightest provocation. I have been isolated for over 12 months, talking to no one in person. I torture myself at home relentlessly using the Alter Ego scenario. I am so desperate for company I am thinking of causing a public disturbance to get into jail. I have never been in jail but overnight once and something tells me if I had I wouldn’t consider it. I don’t want to lose my apartment because I got into trouble.

I’m going to the library today after lunch and see if being near people might help.

I have the same tendency to isolate myself. I’ve found that some of the times in my life that I have been the worst came after a prolonged period of near total isolation. I don’t need a great deal of human company, but I do need some. I have some compelled socializing at the assisted living center where I live, and that almost solves all my need for socialization. Maybe you should think about getting into an assisted living facility. It can help you out in a number of ways.

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Why wouldn’t we believe you? Anyway, I think @crimby has a great idea. It’s important to be around others. Maybe assisted is a good option.

Dude, take it easy. There is no reason to get angry at people.

Don’t you have any interests which you can share with people?? Perhaps joining a gym or pick up photography??

I felt better soon after writing this. It took a little while though. I think assisted living is for seniors here in the great USA and usually cost a lot. State run nursing homes are more prevalent and are for elderly. I was dissuaded from moving to a group home by this forum. I have to find another solution.

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maybe you had a bad spell of feeling fed up and now your through it

keep your living space clean and functional, always search for some balance of social and being alone time.

You go mad every once in awhile being alone all the time. Once you are truly alone you will be forever. I’m not sure if I would like other people’s company anymore. I would definitely be choosey.

considering carefully who you wish to let into your space is perfectly sensible

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