I know my limits

I’ll just do things that is within my knowledge and skills.I have one hundred dollar and not one hundred thousand dollar


Wise words. 151515151515


How is your dating life, Gtx ? You said you were going to meet a Thai girl ?

Didn’t go in the end…my dating life sux,so sad…

I am really sorry to hear that. Have more courage next time. It’s your life, don’t have doubts. What is the worst that can happen? Maybe the date doesn’t go well, and she rejects you. You lose nothing, cause you didn’t have her in the first place. But the best that can happen? A date goes very well, another date, another one, you start liking each other, you start kissing and cuddling. And it will be great.

i know a fellar that went to maybe thailand to meet a gal,

it was a scam.

just saying be careful.

have you considered getting one out of jail.

that was likely a big part of why i married the ex. i was dui.

was afraid, set a fire in the jail. it took a lot to get me out of trouble.

i think those gals, some had killed, might hurt a mean man, but likely otherwise would be very good. they were kind to me.

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