Blocked from mailing her on POF

she blocked me when i said, im on disability allowence weekly


i wouldn’t reveal something like that straight away, let them get to know you as a person first.


so its my fault for being honest?

i never said it was. but in my experience it has never worked to tell anyone about my illness first. they make judgements before even meeting me.

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if i said too her im on disability but i have 3 million in my bank…what would she of said then?

did she ask you what you do for a living in which case i agree you said the right thing ,but if she didn’t ask then i woudln’t have said.

It’s never a good sign when money comes up on a dating website. Consider yourself fortunate that she blocked you. One less person interested in how much you make.


she said where do i work…

ok. in that case your better off without her. people judge its in our nature.

i’m sorry this has happened. i know how it feels i told some guy i had schizoaffective straight away, he never messaged me again i was very upset for a while but then i thought i don’t want someone like that in my life anyway.


i dont get past the first stages which is the talking part, no-one even looks twice at me :frowning:

I don’t have the guts to post a picture of myself on a dating site.

this is one of the reasons I’d never go on a dating website if I was looking for someone. it should be called ‘plenty of sharks’ not plenty of fish.


Plenty of Fish-ing for superficial pleasures.

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I’m lucky to get to the talking part. I usually just keep to myself because I can’t figure out anything to say.

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same, i don’t think i am boyfriend material really but i still try sometimes

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I wouldn’t even bring up anything about mental illness till after a few dates

Then she was probably just looking for a sugar daddy.

Look basically online dating is full of

  1. Women looking for sugar daddies
  2. Men looking for easy sex

It almost never goes well for either gender.

This makes sense @Turnip

Plenty of Sucker Fish, Plenty of Blow Fish… Okay, I’ll stop!

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