I kissed him and he got hungry

Always try to leave them wanting more.

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I always sing…“I kissed a squirrel and I liked it…”

My 11 year old daughters think it’s hilarious when I sing that.


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Wish you’d stop making words up. Gets no hits on urban dictionary either?

It’s the language of my country. Lezbiana is this, when two women like eachother intimately.

Then the answer is no.

Well then don’t say you kiss girls and like it.

But I did kiss a girl and I liked it.

Then in my country we call you lezbiana!

Or I’m male and straight.

Boring…I liked it better when you were lez.

Sorry, reality sucks!

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It really does!! Now, how about this? Maybe you can kiss a guy and like it?


sounds like you had the jesus syndrome. “my body is bread my blood is wine”.

Yes. I think that idea in Christianity has made more than one person sick.

what do you mean by that? the food is poisoned?

No, identifying with Jesus who, to me, said “I am food, eat me.” People do joke about eating each other.
One song I know “Chocolate, you are so sweet. You, yes you I’d like to eat.”

M&M commercials.

Cannibalism hasn’t been totally phased out.

you arent a christian are you?

I think it’s called Oxcytocin. It’s a hormone that’s released during sex. It’s a bonding hormone. It attaches you emotionally to the person you’re having sex with.