I kissed him and he got hungry

Good Sunday morning to y’all.


Mornin’ Chordy fifteen char

Evening… Nerves, I guess.

And I was thirsty and didn’t know it.

Morning, Would have been a good time to go out for a bite to eat\coffee and cake etc. To get to know one anther better then.

Sex used to get called “losing your head” and I think, in that case, I had lost mine.

Doesn’t matter how old you are. Still very much a confusing mash of emotions, chemicals and hormones. Feels great though doesn’t it? .Although can be confronting if mental health issues are present.

The kiss happened when I was still young. I forget to remind the forum that I live in memory a lot. Reflecting can be healthy for we oldsters but I should indicate when I am.

No, I was aware it might of been a childhood memory and my comment still stands.

Not childhood, but early adulthood. I feel apologetic about my behavior now but I think it reminded me about how much people need others to find fulfillment.

Was a different time chordy. I presume the free love era was still awhile off in that time frame. So things like the women lib movement was still awhile off yet also. Girls would of been taught that sex was for marriage only. So being confronted by desire of it although I understand it might not of happened. It’s a normal process of teens normally and very understandable of the guilt and confusing back then. I hope you can give yourself some slack on it. You where just going through growing pains that’s something we have all gone through.

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what do you mean by he got hungry? you mean he wanted more of you and the kiss was just an apetizer?

He meant his lip had been stimulated by the kiss and it made him hungry for food.

people are not edible.
take care :alien:

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I used to think I was food.

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you are a beautiful sz chordy…please, if you are feeling hungry eat a cup cake. :cake:
take care :alien:

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I kissed a guy and then :grey_exclamation:

I kissed a girl and I liked it.

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Are you lezbiana?

What’s that?