I keep seeing

I keep seeing a shadow man, he’s 3D as if he’s real… He stays down the hall near the bedroom David and I stay in and I just feel like he’s evil and waiting for something… I’m scared of him but after about an hour of not seeing him I feel safe enough to go to the room if my husband is there, I’ve also been hearing the dog whining when my husband and mom say he’s not… Reality and hallucinations are starting to blend and I can’t go to the doctor until the 15th since insurance won’t pay… I’m getting scared though

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Call and explain your situation to your pdoc’s office.

I’m sure they can make adjustments or recommendations without having you in the office or an appointment.

It’s worth checking into anyway.


Do you have a prn?

Remember hallucinations aren’t real. They can’t hurt you if you don’t act upon them.

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@Charles_Foster my mom said make an appointment so I have an appointment for the 6th it’s a 20 minute appointment so it’s a short appointment

@Jonathan2 no I don’t just CBD to calm me down… I’m starting to forget that it’s not real… I’m trying though, as stated above I have an appointment for the 6th

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Waiting until the 6th is going to be difficult with these symptoms.

I’d still call and see if you can do something without an appointment.

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@Charles_Foster I’m gonna try and wait… I’m just going to use more CBD and try and wait it out I doubt they’ll do anything without seeing a doctor

I hope you make it ok until your appointment.

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Thanks @ZmaGal I appreciate that

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