I keep gaining weight

I keep gaining weight from zyprexa and I have lost all of my muscles. Ten years ago (before psychosis) I used to run three times a week and I went to the gym, also three times a week. I can’t fit into my old clothes anymore, because I’m fatter. :frowning: I barely move. I just lie on the couch all day and eat.

Here’s the bad thing. I don’t care. I’m unattractive and I’m like who cares? I blame paxil for this! Before my break i used to get angry, motivated and goal oriented which made me want to work out.

I’m not probably getting off medication soon. That’s why I’m asking. What did you do in order to lose weight while medicated? Where you able to lose weight?


Yeah it’s tough but it’s discipline and it’s hard work.

I gained most on risperdal. I have lost on zyprexa because it’s better for my mind but we are all different.
You still need to exercise an try even if it’s hard.

There’s no easy answers but stopping meds isn’t the best option if you need them. That gets out of whack rather quickly.


I asked my sister last Sunday “how can I loose weight “ she said it’s over 80% depends on diet.

For me to not be obese on latuda even I have to eat tiny amounts of food.
Much less than a normal person.

I have dairy free up and go for breakfast, nut bar and fruit for lunch then dinner and coffee three to two times.

When I was on olanzapine I gained around 30 kg.
I didn’t eat junk or huge amounts.

One of my drs thinks I eat too little.

I want to eat more but if I did I would be fat or obese.

I have not been able to get myself to exercise lately either.

So destructive to not take care of oneself.

For you to have been so good too.

Can you afford a session with a personal trainer to get you motivated?

Can you afford weight watchers or something similar?

I am on a vegan diet so can’t join weight watchers n can’t afford it anyway.

Do you know anyone who can help you?

Can you get a jogging partner?

Someone patient with you when you walk at first til you get fitter.

Good wishes to you.

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Well I thought about it and I’m not ready to go on a diet or working out. I still haven’t recovered enough from my last episode. And personal trainers, nutritionist, gyms all cost money. I really can’t afford it.

@Speedy , I lost 50 lbs. and am keeping it off (6 years now), through strict calorie counting with an app and almost daily exercise. And also switching from oral to injectable Risperdal Consta helped a lot. Also stopping drinking diet pop helped a lot.

And I didn’t spend a penny on anything to lose weight. It’s not necessary. My calorie counting app is free and my exercise app is free and I exercise at home.

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I’m thinking about joining YMCA but some guy keeps yelling gay at me. I’m going to beat his ass.

For me Zyprexa was the worst for weight loss. Abilify was best as my negative symptoms were better on it. I tried Risperdal, Abilify, Latuda and Zyprexa. I was also prescribed low dose Seroquel for sleep.

I think I heard geodon is supposed to be good for keeping weight lower. Even though it is taken with food. I gained like 20lbs on 2.5mg zyprexa and I don’t gain easy. I haven’t gained on latuda but some people do gain on latuda. Have you tried other medications or is zyprexa the first that you have tried? Zyprexa also increased my appetite quite a bit. It might be worth trying another medication like geodon or abilify.

I struggle with sugar. I just had an episode where it was really hard to breath, and I think it was because the sugar had inflamed my bronchial tubes. I’ve got my sugar consumption down, but it is still too high. Physically, I’m just a shadow of what I used to be.

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