I keep gaining weight

I keep gaining weight from zyprexa and I have lost all of my muscles. Ten years ago (before psychosis) I used to run three times a week and I went to the gym, also three times a week. I can’t fit into my old clothes anymore, because I’m fatter. :frowning: I barely move. I just lie on the couch all day and eat.

Here’s the bad thing. I don’t care. I’m unattractive and I’m like who cares? I blame paxil for this! Before my break i used to get angry, motivated and goal oriented which made me want to work out.

I’m not probably getting off medication soon. That’s why I’m asking. What did you do in order to lose weight while medicated? Where you able to lose weight?

Yeah it’s tough but it’s discipline and it’s hard work.

I gained most on risperdal. I have lost on zyprexa because it’s better for my mind but we are all different.
You still need to exercise an try even if it’s hard.

There’s no easy answers but stopping meds isn’t the best option if you need them. That gets out of whack rather quickly.