I just wanted to say something

I used to belong to a different forum before I came here, it was a forum mostly for self harmers, but they supported other difficulties and mental health etc as I got worse the less I fitted in. I left because it was supposed to be recovery based but the more competitive and dangerous it became, encouraging more and more severe harm to ones self. Thankfully I realised this and got sick of the Same cliques controlling the site and making things unhealthy, I left and wound up scrolling the old boards here and then signed up to the new one.

Now I returned there a few days ago on my old account. I posted in desperation as I was scared I’d get into trouble here if I posted too much about my current situation.

Anyway to get to my point, the replies I got were angry and self absorbed. It just reminded me why I left.

I never get that here, and I’m glad our forum is the way it is, we have some wonderful, caring, people who are not afraid to reply despite their own difficulties. We take time to wonder how best to reply to someone when acutely I’ll etc I just wanted to say thank you to those who keep the forum in shape, and the members who make it what it is.

Please @SzAdmin move this if it’s in the wrong place, I didn’t want to post it in diagnosed as it’s more about the forum!

Take care everyone,



Thanks so much for sharing. Yes - I think this forum is full of supportive and caring people. I’m glad we have such a great community, and thanks for joining and participating.


I couldn’t see you ending up in trouble for posting. You’ve been fighting this and trying to get ideas… even if you have to revisit a problem… that’s what we’re here for. I’d say… you should post as much as you need.

I’m so glad you checked in… I’ve been hoping the best for you.

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