I'm sorry and goodbye

I’ve posted a few things that seem to have caused a bit of trouble on this site and I’m sorry for that. I’m going to leave now, as I don’t feel this forum is the right place for me to be. May I leave you with the thought that some people might join this forum in the middle of a crisis and, even if their life choices are unhealthy, need a bit of TLC and not “cruel to be kind” which is the overwhelming attitude I feel I have received.

Some people on here have been really supportive and I’m not overlooking that, but others have left me feeling more distressed and isolated than I was to begin with.

So I’m sorry for any trouble I’ve caused, this is the last you’ll hear from me, I wish you all the best

Sorry to see you go! I hope you find the help that you need soon.

If you’ve ever used IRC before, there’s a couple decent chat rooms for SZ people. I specifically recommend theircvillage. The mods there are a bit more open minded than here so I believe you’ll find it more welcoming.

Here’s a link to their website. http://theircvillage.com/

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You certainly didn’t cause me any trouble. Hopefully I wasn’t one of the bad ones lol. Best of luck with your recovery (and with getting your Wellbutrin).

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What happened? You just joined three days.

It was my own fault really for posting about my amphetamine use and trying to find out if it’s legal to buy antidepressants with no prescription…

There was nothing wrong with your question if you ask me, at least you were taking the initiative when your pdoc wouldn’t help you out. But seems like that’s an unpopular opinion around here.

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I’m sorry you don’t feel this is the right place for you. Have you taken a look at our guidelines yet? Maybe once you know the rules you will feel more comfortable posting here.

You were asking for and getting advice on buying illegal drugs (speed). There’s no forum that’s going to allow that, unless they want to get shut down by the FBI.

I suggest you go private (pay for a private psychiatrist) if you can’t get a public one soon enough.


I wasn’t asking for speed. I was looking for antidepressants, specifically wellbutrin. I was trying to find out if it’s possible and legal to buy it. Not speed. Please don’t have a go at me, I’m in a bad enough place as it is. I really need to figure out how to disable my account so I don’t keep getting these emails.

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Unfortunately the road that is made of silk was mentioned.

Can you go private, and see a psychiatrist that way?

my paranoia says that there are, in fact, forums that allow those types of things. and those types of forums are probably secretly leagued with by undercover cops, to bust criminals. if I’m right, I wouldn’t be surprised.

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