After two years on this board I understand why it's a "self help" forum

Yesterday I came to the revelation this forum has helped me in so many ways. It’s helped me heal, gave me info on subjects that are useful, I’ve gotten smarter, more mature, had fun too :). And so much more. This truly is a “self help” forum. Or a helpful one. All you need is an open mind and this forum will improve your life greatly. I think it’s a miracle


I also thought of an idea of taking all my posts and EDITING them and turn it into a book…call it “schizophrenic thoughts”. I thought about how people would read my conversing ways with this @minnii character and think that’s a name for one of the characters in my head that I came up with. Although it’d take forever to do this and not sure if it’d be against copyright rules. I won’t do this but it’s a cool idea. My progress has been great so the beginning would sound more delusional then slowly get better.


:smile: Good idea… As long as you don’t use pm conversations :smile:


So happy to hear you’re getting so much out of the forum! This place has really helped me, too. It’s made me feel much more normal and helped me understand the side effects of my meds more. Love this place. You definitely get out what you put in. I’m sure people that only lurk don’t get as much or of it. I know I get more out of it when I post more.


These boards have helped me immensely. They have made me a better person and helped me to understand my fellow human beings better. They were instrumental on getting me relatively back on my feet after a few serious setbacks last year. No one should underestimate the usefulness of this site. And I’m pretty sure that many people would agree with me.


Can’t even express how important this forum is to me. I know for a fact that I’ve improved over the past year.
I like your idea for a book, @chew. Maybe it could help someone too.


This forum has helped me through so much too. I talk about everything both good and bad on here and the support I get is amazing. I’m glad you’re getting so much out of it too :slight_smile:


I am actually adding some of my posts to a memoirs type book i have been working on lately. Great minds…