I just want to die

I just want to die. I’m ready to die.


Sz is making you depressed, I was depressed when meds didnt work or when unmedicated. Tell your Dr that you have suicidal thoughts, he might prescribe antidepressants.


I’m in hospital right now for suicidal ideation.

They caught it in time. I am on venlafaxine, which does nothing for me.


How old are you? Sz gets better with age. Certainly there are some things in life that give you moments of happiness. Family? Pets?

If you really are serious you should call 911.

I dont know if its schizophrenia or if its real.


I have the same problem.

Idk if it’s psychotic or reality, my unusual belief.

It is unnerving.


It’s schizophrenia or some type of psychosis. people don’t have cameras implanted in their bodies and are not constantly watched for the purpose of talking about them in the media. It’s all a delusion. Did you talk to your doctor about a med change yet?

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I havent talked to my nurse yet, but I will when she calls.


If you are feeling suicidal or having a mental health crisis, please tell someone — a friend or family member, a teacher, a doctor or therapist or call 911 (if you’re in the U.S.) or the Emergency Medical Services phone number in your country.

You can also call a crisis intervention hotline—these are available in the U.S. and in many other countries. You do not need to be actively suicidal to benefit from a crisis hotline.

International crisis hotlines:


Crisis hotlines in the U.S.:


More resources:


Go hang out w friends

I dont have any friends

Do you have family to talk to?

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I wanted to die for a very long time, like 20 years. But my life has improved and now I want to live. Hang in there. It does get better.


Not really. 151515

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I used to be very suicidal and depressed before I got put on an antidepressant. Since then my mood has improved greatly. Please contact your support team or doctor and talk about how you are feeling. Things can and do improve. Don’t give up.

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Are you feeling any better today, @anon52450205?

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