I just quit smoking and my symptoms nearly went away

If you haven’t taken that step in recovery I suggest you do it. Stop smoking. The schizophrenic brain is a very sensitive organ. Not only am I not getting nicotine it changed my entire frame of mind, from being an immediate gratisfaction and satisfaction seeker to something else that I don’t really know how to define. It’s nice. Quiting is as easy as saying no. You might have to say it 1000 times but it only gets easier. Best of luck out there guys.


thats great, Im also a satisfaction seeker, even if I know its much better to be calm and just enjoy the moment

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Congratulations on quitting smoking. Very cool. I’m glad your symptoms are nearly gone. That is even better news.

I’ve had to taper. I’m still at 2 a day most days. No more then three. I’m working on knocking down that final last two and then I will have officially quit smoking.


good on you.
take care

Good for you for saying No to cigs and Yes to a cleaner lifestyle - Take it from someone who used to smoke 2 packs a day and then quit cold turkey, you will feel better each passing day you are not inhaling cigarette smoke

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I am still amazed that you could quit cold turkey. I wish I could. That hasn’t worked for me. You have amazing will power. I’m still holding at no more then three a day. August… when the family stress is over, I’ll try to cut out those final three.

Hi J, if you are down to 3 cigs a day, this is very good. I had to quit because I was having delusions that the cigs were poisoned - they started to taste real bad and my breathing was really affected - You just have to have the right mindset and prepare for some discomfort, but in the long run it will be worth it to quit. Patches, gums, nicotine lozenges all can help with the quitting process - it doesnt have to be cold turkey :smoking:

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Hey congratulations this is great news.

I think my main problem with quitting is that I was still developing physically as well as mentally when I got hooked, back before there were regulations putting the cigarettes behind the counter when Camel had those little waist high displays of cigarettes that could be easily swiped :wink: I believe this was purposeful. Not that I blame the tobacco companies, I knew they were bad for you :slight_smile:

I am currently smoking e cigs with nicotine inside. Are you saying after you quit smoking your negative symptoms went away? I do feel more down when i am not smoking, can quitting make me better? I am going to change to non nicotine ecig liquids. thanks!

It’s worth a shot you might feel down at first but after you make it about 24 without nicotine it starts getting easier. I’ve had a few hiccups, but I’m committed to quitting. I love smoking but I just think it’s bad for my chemistry